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Why should I build a custom home instead of buying an existing home?

When we build a custom home, you get to choose the floor plan, colors and features that match your tastes and preferences. For most people, their home is their most valuable asset. So why not have your most valuable asset just like you want it.

How much will it cost to build a custom home?

There are many different factors that determine the cost of a home. Once you select the floor plan and specifications, we will give you a firm written quote on construction of your home. We can assist you in the selection of a plan and the development of specifications in order to help you stay within your budget.

Can I save money if subcontract it on my own?

Most financial institutions are hesitant to lend to individuals without a contractors license or construction experience. Even if you can obtain a construction loan, builder discounts and prices we get from suppliers and subcontractors are usually better than you can get as an owner building one house.

How long does it take to build a custom home?

Most homes can be built in four to six months. Factors that determine how long it takes to build include weather, material and subcontractor availability and scheduling. We communicate with our suppliers and subcontractors several weeks in advance in order to minimize delays.

Can you help me select property and house plans?

Yes, we have excellent relationships with several developers and real estate professionals that can provide many different property options. We also have plan books and stock plans that can be used as is or modified to meet your needs. Or we can help you develop a custom plan just the way you like it.

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